“To all artisan; Be joyed. Be braved. Be cherished.
May your efforts bloom in rejoice.”

(Kenji Chanthapoon, 2017)



Artisan Valley Founded in 2015 by Kenji Chanthapoon , Artisan Valley brings people together by telling compelling stories through the art of scent. “Boutique Art Parfum”  That was our slogan to make this proposal for product. Sophisticated and elegant. The chosen story for the scent speaks to the process of planning, new perspective sometimes is a realistic sometimes is a novel and embarking on a journey together with a trusted and dedicated partner to lead you in the right immersive nice experience.


We are searching for new discoveries in art, scent and filling techniques in the perfumery –We fall in love with an artisanal perfume. craft produced entirely under the makers control.

The challenge was to creating a new design and unique ambiences that effectively communicates who he is and what he think, in other words, a design that represents invention and creativity.


– Artisan Valley

Kenji Chanthapoon
                Founder & Artist